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Procedures for Programming the Parrot Bebop

A Work in Progress

The following is a procedure using a Raspberry Pi to program the Parrot Bebop 2 using the open source Python based library PyParrot

Unit 1: Following safety procedures

1.1 Follow safety practices for the Parrot Bebop 2 -  Resources

Unit 2: Setting up the Raspberry Pi 3B+ as a programing platform

2.1 Flash micro SD card with appropriate Linux distribution -  VideoRaspberry Pi image | Etcher flashing software

2.2 Boot Raspberry Pi and adjust screen parameters (specific for high resolution smaller portable screens) - Video

2.3 Change the Raspberry Pi system clock to the current time  -  Video | Resources

2.4 Install necessary required libraries and dependencies - Video | Installation Script

Unit 3: Programing the Bebop 2

3.1 Navigate around the Linux Filesystem using: cd, pwd, cp, mv, rm, mkdir, - Video | Resources 

3.2 Program the Bebop 2 to hover and safely land using the Kill command - Video

3.3 Program the Bebop 2 to fly a two-meter square using pitch and roll at 50 centimeters meters off the ground. - VideoBebop Commands

3.4 Program the Bebop 2 to fly a two-meter square using pitch and yaw at 150 centimeters meters off the ground - Video | Bebop Commands